Day 5: Saguaro National Park

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The saguaro, cartoondom has decided, is the quintessential way of letting you now that you are in the desert. Oddly enough, I’ve lived the majority of my life in the desert, and I’ve not seen one saguaro. Ever. Go figure. Perhaps that is because saguaros tend to all be in Arizona. Saguaro National Park is right outside of Tucson.

Of course, the big draw of Saguaro National Park is the saguaros. So if you are a fan of the desert, this is certainly your place to go. We took a mile jaunt through the desert and found lots and lots of saguaros. Here is one of the pictures I am proud of.

Oh, and there are petroglyphs as well.

On to Me-hi-co!



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  1. buddy Says:

    looks like a great place for rattlesnakes

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