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Cusco 1

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Today just happens to be the festival of Corpus Cristi in Cusco. The festival was insane. The main square was packed and all the surrounding streets too. It was pretty much impossible to move anywhere. David was hilarious- he had a camera in one hand and a video camera with a tripod in the other. I just wished we had a third camera to take a picture of him. The main square is stunning colonial architecture. I know the Conquistadors killed millions but they knew how to build. Everyone is pretty much at least a head shorter than us so we stick out quite a bit. There are also a lot of dirty random dogs roaming everywhere. Of course everyone is trying to sell something to you or beg.

It was nice weather today. Well, hot really. But the moment a cloud came it got cold fast (at night I was really cold). For lunch we had a quarter of a guinea pig and alpaca steak. Guinea pig was sweet, chewy, and awful, but alpaka steak was incredible. We ate in a restaurant, but the streets are filled with vendors selling cooked meat sitting in the scorching sun. Very scary. They sell whole guinea pigs with their front teeth sticking out.

We bought our Peru warm hats and I also bought two bracelets. I can tell I have a major shopping spree in me when we get back from the trail.

Altitude has not been a problem so far and we spent most of the day walking around the city in the sun. The hotel staff keeps on coming into our room when we go out, which is worrisome. At least now we have towels, though! They also left the hotel brochure in our room.

We had our orientation meeting for the Inca trail this evening where we met our guide and fellow travellers. There will be six of us, six porters, and one guide. We are packing right now and then sleep sleep sleep. We are leaving at six thirty in the morning.

Ps sorry about my poor writing style but I have to type using the iphone and that is no fun, so I try to be concise.

Arriving in Peru

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We arrived in Lima at midnight; 2 hours late because of a delay in Houston. The flight went well. We watched a movie, ate a delicious dinner, and then slept for the rest of the flight. Total flying time from Houston to Lima was six and a half hours. At baggage claim, it took over an hour for the luggage to be unloaded. We were very nervous that it had been lost in Houston. Ironically, our luggage was the very last to be unloaded, but we were relieved. Both bags arrived. We immediately checked in for our next flight to cusco and went through security to find a place to sleep. Lima airport is small, but clean. The seats in the passenger waiting area are in sets of three, with no armrests in between the seats, so we were quite comfortable. At the moment, we are waiting for our Cusco flight, which leaves in about an hour. Btw, Peru is on Eastern Time.