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We are still alive!

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Yes, we are alive.

I am in the UK and David is back in Germany till the end of the week.

In no particular order…

1. It is cloudy and rainy. Shocker. Brought none of our 7 umbrellas. Dont know what happened to my brain.

2. Everything is ridiculously expensive. I have been to the UK 25+ times and never picked up on it thanks to my beloved Daddy who bankrolled all my shopping spree adventures so far. It was a rude awakening I must admit. I think I will sell a kidney. David’s. :)

3. Driving on the left side of the road is CRAZY and it seems I have no spacial awareness on my left side. I talk myself through every move. That has taken a toll on me because now I talk to myself all the time even when I am not driving. The lanes are so narrow–maybe 5 inches on each side of the car. Parking is impossible–particualarly for me because the only time I paralleled park was during my driving test and never since. Yesteday, I had to walk everywhere because I did not manage to get the car out of the parking spot after somebody parked behind me. They probably thought they gave me enough space but after several attempts and a decimated ego, I gave up and decided to walk. This automotive feat caused a traffic jam as five cars lined up to take my spot. I turned off the car and pretended to be parking instead of pulling out. I prented this three times. Finally when in true Hollywood style I stormed out of the car pretending to talk to my cell phone which really was my calculator yelling at an imaginary boyfriend who could not decide if who was picking up who for the movies. I know I know. Pathetic.

4. Guildford is beautiful. There are flowers absolutely everywhere. The downtown is particularly picturesque. The countryside is also beyond words.

5. We still don’t have an apartment. I am going to look on Thrusday.

6. Work is good. I like the office and all the guys. I am the only girl so they are all super nice to me.

7. David is in Dusseldorf working long hours. I miss him terribly.

8. In short, life is busy but good.