The Rabbit, The Bathroom Alien, and Such.

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The following are just random tidbits from our life.

- Our landlord lives next door to us. He is a contractor and she is an art teacher at a boarding school in a nearby village.  They are very nice and even had us over for dinner last week when my parents visited. They have two sons and pet–a rabbit called The Rabbit. We get to feed The Rabbit when they are out of town. The Rabbit is huge and always hungry.IMAG0331

-  This morning I had the devilish desire to lock David out in the backyard while he was collecting our laundry.  However, I was so excited about my evil scheme that I proudly announced my intentions to him before carrying them out…and before I knew it, it was I who was locked out in the backyard watching David doing his victory dance in the kitchen. I dare not describe David’s performance. I am actually trying really hard to forget about it myself but I still think I will not sleep well tonight.

- I finally have a phone I can make phone calls with! I got a cheap Vodafone phone when we first arrived but that contraption has been so painful to use I have had it turned off for the last 2 weeks. I don’t require much of a phone. I don’t need it to connect to the Internets or Bluetooth or take pictures, but I do insist it make phone calls. Anyway, my Honey Genius jailbroke the iPhone. So, now I am using the iPhone and walk around praising Steve Jobs when David is not around.

- IMAG0332It is typical of the British to have separate hot and cold taps in their bathrooms. While true that my hands are either boiling or getting a frostbite, I have never even pondered changing the system. Not my Honey however. David went to the DIY store and came with a granddaddy special (GDS) …each tap is connected to a clear hose that hooks up to a plastic Y which then sprays the lukewarm water. It looks like the sink is giving birth to an alien serial killer.  I cannot even begin how much the Martha Stewart in me is suffering…really dying inside. I am desperately hoping (secretly praying) for David to really screw up…because I will graciously agree to forgive him only under the condition that he destroys his hideous monstrosity (David’s brother wants to call them Fallopian Tubes).  In the meantime, I wash my hands in the kitchen.

- Right now is Sunday afternoon, we just finished a great nap and now the house smells of homemade cinnamon rolls. It is heavenly.

- Yesterday we went to the movie theatre for the first time to see “Knight and Day” (which we very much enjoyed) . Tickets cost $30 for the both of us. Horrendous. Then came another shocker…assigned seating!  This system we did not embrace both out of conviction and also the theater was empty. Furthermore, we had to sit through 20 mins of commercials followed by 15 mins of previews, before getting our first glace of Tom Cruise.

Well, love you all,




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  1. Camie Martin Says:

    Hey! I miss you guys soooooooooooo much! How is england? How was Peru? I am glad I finally got your blog so I can stalk you! Miss you tons–have a fantastic time!

  2. Ami Says:

    This is so hilarious! Sandy, you really need to work on your keeping-the-evil-plan-a-secret skills. And it sounds like David needs to work on his dancing! I’m glad you’re having so much fun out in the UK, and I love the fallopian tubes!

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