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Firefox cubs

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If you have a free moment, please go to to check out the 2 Firefox cubs and help them get their next treat!!! The cubs made me feel like…squeezing my computer to bits.



Singapore video

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This is a video of our trip to Singapore made by our friends Callie and Dave . If you fast-forward to 4:25, you will see David and his python girlfriend at the Singapore Night Safari.


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Crossing Gibraltar Strait to Tangiers, Morocco, marked the fulfilment of a dream—a trip around the world. By coming to Africa, we visited all 6 inhabitable continents. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude.


We went to Gibraltar in the morning and then crossed the Strait on a ferry from Tarifa. 


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Our company participated at HP Software Universe, so we got to go to Barcelona 35 hours upon coming back from Singapore.

Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia that after over 100 years of construction still remains unfinished…it was, however, dedicated by the Pope last week because the church decided that the inside is at least complete.

STB_5786 IMG_5766 STC_5787 IMG_5749














This is a random building across from the conference center that David and I became fascinated with.