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The Adventure

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David says to think of it as an "adventure".  I am usually all for euphemisms and denial but this time the cruel fact is…we are in deep shit.
(Insert your ooohs and aaaahs here and swear you will never let me around your children.

At around 7, discovered about a half inch of water in the laundry room. Bummer. Turned off the washing machine and grabbed brooms to push the water into the floor drain and contain the situation.
Hmmm…. water not foamy and definitely not smelling of clean linens–instead murky, raw sewage that is unstoppably coming up the drain.
Crap. Yes. Crap.
Got it somewhat under control, called the landlord to get a plumber in asap on Monday, and went to bed.
At 11 woken by smell that would scare a skunk. Water about 2 inches deep and spilled into the bathroom and the kitchen pantry. Drew the bleach bottle so quick could have starred in High Noon. David alternated between his shopvac and two brooms. Food ruined, computers and rugs are biohazard.
No water, no toilet.
Curse words: English

Sewage pipes clogged with roots. They would have to dig.
No water, no toilet.
Curse words: English, German.

All utility lines marked on the driveway.
No water, no toilet.
Cursewords: English, German.

Half the driveway is ripped out. Concrete smashed. My heart beats to the sound of a jackhammer. George’s parking spot is occupied by a bulldozer. One of the plumbers forgot to cap the sewage line in the hallway–the apartment smells like public latrines after Ozzyfest.
At the end of the day we are told that the water line is also corroded and will have to be replaced. The water main is in our bedroom. Everything has to be moved out.
Water and toilet not back on till night.
Curse words: Czech.

Blur. A 3ft hole in the bedroom. The entire driveway a WWI trench. House in shambles. Laundry room floor covered in dry sewage, told not to clean up as "it may back up again".
Time till GMAT – one week.
Water and toilet on and off.
Curse words: Armangeddon.
General mindset: not healthy,  215 negative thoughts an hour.(conservative estimate)

Going to the temple tomorrow morning to seek a sanctuary and repent of vocab, thoughts, and peeing on the neighbors’ lawn.

Love you all.





























David in our bedroom.