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General Life Update

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Last Friday was our 5 year wedding anniversary.
I love you, David.

You are my honey.
You are my friend.
You are my lover.
You are my everything.

David arranged a romantic getaway for us in Pine Valley. We had a great time–hiked Signal Peak via Brown’s trail. The view is fantastic. You can see all of southern Utah and all the way to Arizona and Nevada. But, gosh, the hike is brutal; especially, in 90 degree heat with an insufficient water supply. When we hiked Timp three weeks ago, I could not wait to do it again; I hope it will be years before me and Signal Peak meet again.

Other news….
- We made our hand prints in the new concrete laid in the driveway
- I did great on the GMAT and am SOOOOOO happy that whole affair is over
- David has been working very long hours but is making strides on his project
- We had a Litster cousin get-together Tuesday night in a Thai restaurant
- I decorated the inside of the house for Halloween. The hallway is witch central, the living room is filled with crows and bats, and I have twenty spiders all over the kitchen.
- I applied for a new job. Wish me luck.
- Today we are taking the cub scouts up the Y. I bought a whole new box of Costco chocolate chip cookies to motivate them.