Sick of Being Sick

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I am real fed up. I just cant get rid off my sore throat. I have not been able to talk for 3 days now and I cant sleep at night because the coughing wakes me up.
I have had so much chicken soup I think I am going to start growing feathers any second. I gargle salt water. I drink hot cider. I inhaled hot garlic potion (the fruits of David’s internet voodoo research). Today I juiced and drank 8 pounds of oranges.
Still I am absolutely exhausted and sick. I get 2 hours of productivity a day and then I lie on the couch for the rest of the day with barely enough energy to make it to the bathroom once an hour.

Ugh. Life without pills is tricky.




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  1. Laurie Says:

    Because you want weird unsolicited advice for how to kick a cough (what? You don’t? Psssh, whatever) I will pass on this tidbit: sautee an onion until it’s hot, wrap it in a dishcloth, put it on your chest. Upside: your cough is soothed and starts to go away in embarrassingly short amounts of time. Downside: you smell kind of like a burger.

  2. Ami Says:

    Pregnancy=weak immune system. It really stinks that you’re sick. I will channel healthy thoughts your way.
    P.S. I’m going to have to check with LJ about that onion thing. It sounds kind of crazy…just crazy enough to work?

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