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Christmas Spirit

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I am wallowing in the Christmas Spirit.
We got our Christmas Tree Friday night. It is a pine tree that goes all the way to our ceiling. It is beautiful and it smells divine. The moment we walked into the tree lot I knew this was the one for us. We put up all the ornaments and set up the village. The train goes all around. I really think we need to get a tunnel next year. I cant stop looking at the whole scene and purring.
Saturday we printed our Christmas card AND Honey surprised me with tix to Christmas Around the World–my favorite Christmas show. I could spend hours watching the river dance.
Sunday I made gingerbread cookies…for decoration. At least that was the plan until David happened. ;)

Today has been very exciting….
1. I definitely need a new bra. For the first time since I was 12. This is big…well, not that big. ;)
2. Fit Pregnancy magazine says that new research shows that women who ate chocolate daily during their pregnancy gave birth to children that “laughed readily, were soothed easily, and were more accepting to novelties.” YES. YES. YES. I immediately stocked up on Ritter Sport–white with hazelnuts (for extra nutrition). I am going to be a mother of the year.
3. I discovered Baby Gap. It is so ridiculously expensive and cute it might as well have a shop window poster saying “Sandy, Welcome Home.”
4. My Subway cravings are rocking and rolling. Since I could not get my fix on Sunday I had my sub at 9:25 am today. It was absolutely heavenly. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Oh, I am also addicted to cucumbers.
5. The doc says I need to drink more Vitamin Water and get a humidifier to help my cough. This is a doc-ordered early Christmas. Me happy.

Love love,