Ravished and ravishing

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It is 3:30 pm. I am all dressed up for a class presentation that is the culmination of a semester-long project but it is not horizon value that is on my mind…my mind, body, and soul is being consumed by imminent starvation. I had my daily subway at 1 o’clock but now 2.5 hours later I am seconds away from devouring a chap stick.
Stupidly I left my emergency chocolate stash in my winter coat that I haughtily left at home as it did not go with my fancy attire.




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  1. Laurie Says:

    Oh man, I kept granola bars stuffed in the oddest places to combat the pregnancy munchies. In the glovebox. In my purse (like seven of them). Stashed around the house: above the fridge, next to the bed. It was ridiculous and strictly necessary.

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