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I just came back from a 3 am fridge raid. The blueberry LOVES Czech food. My sweetest darling, there is so much more coming your way because to mommy Czech food is spoon fulls of pure happiness.

Oh my gosh, I just refered to myself as a “mommy”. For the first time. Wow.
I am going to be a mommy!!!
Is there anything more magical than that? There cant be.

Time for seconds…I dont think I need to bother with a plate.


Daddy´s Girl

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Well, I am in the Czech Republic. It is 2 am and my jetlag is in full swing.

For Christmas David got my Dad a tablet. While the other gifts are going under the Christmas tree, I already gave him the tablet so I could coach him while I am here–read: so I could watch him being blown away.
Dad is absolutely mesmerized. I am not sure I will be able to find another reaction like that until I introduce the blueberry to the magic of Excel.
Dad has huge, strong hands but he is so gentle with the tablet, it actually has hard time detecting his touch. Discovering Google Translate was like landing on the Moon. After decades spent as a translator to be able to dictate and have his words automatically translated is shangri la. Yes, the translation is hardly perfect but the options are limitless.
We also dictated an email, played a movie, looked at pictures, listened to music, browsed the web, wasted time on youtube…you name it.
Still, the most precious moment for me was when Dad was introduced to Angry Birds. The stars aligned for him just like they did for me. The world stopped, he became one with the universe and finally understood the meaning of human existance–an Angry Birds marathon into eternity. I think he might retire early. And I am definitely getting him a stuffed angry bird for his bday. The red one is his favorite.

David always makes sure that Dad is the coolest geek in town. Dad was the first one to get a 16GB USB, an 8 port USB hub, an iPod, a wireless mouse, a 500GB mini hard drive…the list goes on. And now Dad is the first to get a tablet and a 32 GB SD card. He cannot wait to go to work Monday. I am not really sure how much work will get done though. :)

I love my boys.