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My First Maternity Clothes

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I did it.
I bought a very cute magenta sweater and a dark salmon long-sleeve shirt…to wear 3 months from now.
Of course the purpose was to buy elastic band jeans….to wear right now.
Will try again tomorrow.

I am officially registered for classes! Am taking 15 credits of nothing but accounting. Nerd shangri-la. Classes are only Mon-Thurs. So, the plan is to drive up Mon-Wed and then sleep over Wed at either Jennie’s or Jaynie’s. I
I am still not sure about the fellowship schedule but it will be Mon-Thurs as well.
One heck of an adventure.

Celtics lost yesterday…waaah.
To Miami………………..waaaaaaah.
The Lakers won………..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

I am so grateful for my family and friends.