An Average Czech…in Numbers

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-owes USD 4500
-lives till 72
-is 5′ 6” tall
-weighs 165 lbs
-eats about 1 ton of food per year
on which he/she spends USD 4000
breakdown: 90 lbs pork, 50 lbs chicken, 11 lbs chocolate
-drinks 43 gallons of beer and 260 cups of tea
-produces 884 lbs of waster, of which he/she sorts 92 lbs
-walks a mile a day
-takes the train 17 times a year
-uses up 186 gallons of gas a year
-smokes 2071 cigarettes a year
-makes love 6 times a month
-flagellates 14 times a day
-smiles 13 times a day (small children smile 400 times a day, fyi)
-gambles away USD 500
-spends USD 900 on vacation
-spends USD 400 on Christmas
-watches TV for 3.25 hrs a day
-reads 17 books a year

I am not an average Czech.



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