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3 days in

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Well, it is Wednesday, my third day of the MAcc program.
The bads…
- I cant really lift my backpack.
- I dont own an Apple laptop or a cool Nalgine bottle so am defninitely not with the cool crowd.
- I get up at 5:30 am. This means I leave the house before David even wakes up. Of course, by the time he gets home from work, I am getting ready for bed.
- I have spent more on textbooks then on rent this month.

The goods…
- I am learning soooooooooo much. I am overwhelmed but excited.

The interesting…
- I got hit on by a marine and a nerd during a 15min class break. I’ve still got it!!!! David, I think I need a bigger ring.

We got a crib for the Blueberry from a colleague of David’s. I still dont comprehend that in a few months a human cub will be sleeping in it. Wow.