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Time to Brag

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I have an amazing husband.
When we were in Australia we took the weekend off and camped on this remote beach surrounded by kangaroos and parrots. In the morning we took a walk in the morning mist. I was collecting shells while David was taking pics. One of his panoramas is that of me far in the distance wading through the tide with the sun rays reflecting off of the ocean. I am memorized by that scene. Somehow I feel it captures my soul, my hopes and dreams. We had it printed a while a back but I could never find a suitable frame for it.
So, what did David do?
He built a frame from scratch.
And for the finish?
He researched a home-made vinegar/tea stain.
I mean seriously???
The frame looks like it is made out of driftwood.
It is exactly what I envisioned. Driftwood + beach…
I cant take me eyes off of it. We put it up in our bedroom.
I have an amazing husband.




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So, I still have not felt the Blueberry and our ultrasound is 10 days away.
I am going NUTS.
Then yesterday I read that the baby gets all wired up when the mother drinks Coke.
On a sin scale how bad is that? Drugging your child so you can feel them kicking?
Can I Hail Mary my way out of it? ;)