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Insurance Vultures

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Utah does not allow babies to be on their separate insurance plan if they can be insured on the parents’ plan. STUPID.
Well, we dont want the baby on our plan for a reason that amounts to $$$$$$$$$$$$$. So, now I have to go off our current plan through David’s work and get private insurance for me and the baby.
I am trying to get the quotes sorted out before the baby comes. Actually I am trying to get everything done before the baby comes (including organizing our DVDs, repairing clothes, cleaning behind the fridge and the stove, getting the carpets cleaned, etc. … all the things that have had a nice stable place on my eternal to-do list).
Anyway, today I filled out a inquiry request form through and exactly 1.5 seconds later my phone rang with a quote offer. And then it rang 15 more times and beeped 18 more times because of new emails with other new amazing offers.
They know I am here. They know I am looking for insurance. They want to get me.
Nobody has ever wanted my money this badly.
Very sinister.