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I got up at 5 am today.
Apparently my body just cannot wait to suffer from lack of sleep.
What would you do at 5 am?
Well, I baked 2 sheets of homemade cinnamon rolls.
Disturbing but delicious.

Re: insurance. Apparently the fact that a child cannot be insured by itself is a result of the new health care law. Seems the government will go to any lengths to make sure “everyone” is insured. What the government definitely does not want is parents scrambling and putting just their kids on health insurance. By not allowing children to be on a plan by themselves (without a parent), the government makes sure that parents pull money out of thin air and get insurance for themselves in order to get coverage for their kids.
Of course, it also screws people like us where the two of us are insured but just want the baby to be on a different plan.
I am so excited I get to vote!!!

I want to live off of peaches.
Long gone are the days that I would watch an NBA game and eat an entire watermelon in one sitting.
No, now I am a peach addict.

Our hospital bag is packed, we are registered at the hospital, the nursery is set up, the baby shower is this Saturday.
Do I dare say “Now we just wait”???
I am happy to say I dont suffer from “being done with pregnancy”/ “get this baby out of me” syndrome. I could go on for another 5 months. Though there might be claw marks on the inside of my uterus by then. ;)

I think that I will get a handle on keeping the baby alive routine after some initial mental breakdowns but I am flat out scared about parenting. Obviously, that is some time away but I am not looking forward to discussing one piece vs. bikini swimming suits, ear piercing, curfews, etc… I wish kids just came out of the womb with common sense and the desire to go to college but looking around me…clearly they don’t.

I admit that I will miss having our life revolve around only the two of us. I am excited for the Blueberry to join our family and enrich our lives but I am so grateful for the six years David and I had together as a couple. It has been incredible to have had this time to grow as husband and wife. I love David with all my heart. He makes me happy. He makes me better.