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Baby Shower

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I had my baby shower on Saturday. It was beautiful. I felt special and spoiled.
We now have a car seat to take the baby home in and have installed it in David’s car. I attached the car seat cover I had made. LOVE IT. We had the car seat in the house for the afternoon and unconsciously tiptoed around it because the cover made it look like there was a baby asleep in inside.
Ken and Larainne have generously purchased us a jogging stroller!!! I am sooooooo excited. Of course I dont jog but it will be perfect for walks and hiking. It is arriving on Wednesday and I cannot wait.

We had a wonderful Father’s Day dinner with Jonnie, Jennie plus friend, Ken and Larainne. So good to be all together.
I am so grateful for my Dad who is the most amazing person I know. I am so grateful for David who will be the perfect Dad to my little Blueberry. I am a very lucky girl.

David really has been fabulous through this whole pregnancy process. He has gone to every appointment with me, he moved his office and set up the nursery, he helps me get in/out of bed, he tells me every day that my belly is sexy, he has supported all my decisions regarding the delivery, he has let me purchase pretty much anything I have wanted for the baby and the nursery, he got people at work to donate no-longer needed baby items, and on and on. Seriously fabulous.

Last night was the first night I dreamed about the baby. She arrived early. She arrived at the house. Out of nowhere I was telling David that I can see her head and then he came over to the living room and with the next push he received the baby. I just asked him to make sure the cord was not around her neck and to call 911.

As I was falling asleep this nappy afternoon, I started thinking that indeed at any moment I can start feeling contractions. Insane. I can be mommy any day now. It blows my mind.

My OCD is pretty active right now. Diapers are in neat stacks. Clothes in size categories. Baby announcement stamps and labels ready.





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