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Strollers and Peaches

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Despite all odds, we assembled the jogging stroller. Including the cupholder!!!
It is huge.
I am suspecting it is a refurbished tank.
I wonder if we need to register it with the DMV???
Frankly, I would not be surprised if it had a better crash test rating than a Dodge Ram.

Peaches are on sale!!!!
Wal-Mart due to its price match guarantee was selling peaches for $.50/pound.
So we are currently the lucky owners of 30 lbs of peaches.
If I were not pregnant I would can them, as is, I will freeze some (according to LJ’s wisdom) and eat the rest. Should last me maybe a week.

We finally have our birth plan printed out and ready. David insisted that it say “We request participation in the baby’s last bath” instead of “We request participation in the baby’s first bath”. He maintains that it is a brilliant scheming strategy to check if the nurses have actually read it.