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Date Night

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Last night David and I had our possibly last carefree date night.
We went to a new restaurant in Orem called Shabu Shabu House. The restaurant in based on Japanese style of cooking where each dinner guest has its own heat element and cooks the meal himself. First you make a flavorful broth, throw in your veggies, and cook your meat. You cook the meant for only about 30-40 seconds as it is sliced paper thin. You dip the meat in variety of sauces and eat it with rice. Finally, you cook your noodles and eat the broth and veggies as a soup. David absolutely loved it.
Afterwards, we headed to the movies to see Wrath of the Titans which, frankly, is hardly a masterpiece.

Anyway, how much does a babysitter cost? How do you find one that guarantees child’s survival?
Tricky. Tricky.

Chants from Germany v. Greece EURO 2012 match:
Germans: If it were not for Angie (Merkel), you would not even be here.
Greeks: We will never pay you back.
I love Europe.