Still here

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Well, the Blueberry sure loves her luxury accommodations and 24hr buffet.

Yesterday we woke up and realized that we had absolutely no plans for the 4th. It never occurred to me that she would not come by then. I was always planning on being in the hospital for the holiday.
Well, we decided to go to the parade, then had lunch with friends and, of course, spent the afternoon at the pool. David went to watch the fireworks in the evening while I had a glorious 12-hour sleep.

This morning we had our doc appt and were sent to the hospital for non-stress testing. They monitored the Blueberry’s heartbeat, my nonexisting contractions, and they also did an ultrasound to check on the amniotic fluid levels. We are in top shape.

I felt so odd when I got up today. Emotionally that is. Finally I realized I was awfully and terribly lonely. I really thought she would be in my arms by now. I love her so much.

It is finally raining after over month and a half. I love the smell of rain.
Now, I am going to open all the windows and take a nap.




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