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All I need to know about life I learned from Avatar

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  1. Corporations are evil. 
  2. Marines are evil. 
  3. Ex-military contractors are evil, unless they are cripples. 
  4. Scientists are good. 
  5. George Bush is evil. 
  6. Marines are too stupid to check who swiped the escaped prisoners out.
  7. Maybe the Ewoks did stand a chance, after all.
  8. Even though the Navi have “carbon-fiber” skeletons, apparently 4 or 5 shots from an assault rifle, or one well placed board are all you need to take them down.

It was a decent movie, though.  The nerds’ version of Titanic.

mene mene tekel iphone (found wanting)

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The iPhone is a conumdrum. On the outside, a slick, shiny-desirable siren, underneath, a 40-something cutie who looked way better last night. Of course, this is nothing new for Apple. As the old saying goes, “The Jobs giveth, and the Jobs taketh away. The real question is, why the heck did Steve release a phone with so much left out that other phones have had for years?

Anyway, here is a short list of mind-numbing features that Apple conveniently has left out of both the iPhone and the iPhone 3g. C’mon, Apple, it’s been two friggin’ years! Get on the ball!

1. A2DP (using bluetooh wireless headphones)
WHAT! I thought the iPhone was a MUSIC PHONE!

2. AVRCP (controlling your playlist via your headset)
Again, c’mon Apple. Don’t make people buy a $60 accessory to make their phone do what it should have done in the first place.

3. Recording videos.

4. Install any application.
Again, if I wanted someone to tell me what I can and can’t do with my phone, I’d go live in North Korea.

5. Replaceable battery.
After 2 years or a few hundred charges, you’re getting a new phone!

6. Slot for extra storage.
Again, North Korea.

7. Being able to leave AT&T.
This is more a symptom of the stupid dfferences between the US and European markets, but still, STUPID. And thanks for bricking the phones that try to get around this crap.

8. Hardware keyboard.
Wow. No.

9. Voice-dialing.
Combined with the lack of keys, every time I talk with my stepfather about his iPhone, he tells me a new story about how he almost threw it out his car window again after trying to dial someone.

10. Copy and friggin’ paste.
What. The. Crap. APPLE! COME ON! One button mice! PowerPC is the best! Now Copy and Paste?

11. Being able to pay $599 for your phone!
Isn’t the early adopter curve great?

Innovative? Check.
Ground-breaking? Check.
Useless, typical Apple Feature-Restrictions? Check.

Sorry, I’ll stick with a phone that doesn’t feel like a prison shower.

Comcast and TWiTs

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I am listening to Twit 160-something, and the whole discussion is insane. They seem to be calculating the 250 GB Bandwidth limit based on a silly idea; watching streaming video, downloading legal movies, etc. I have one word: Online backup. With Terabyte drives becoming common in the newest desktop PCs, and high-def video or even mini-dv video being (up to) 13 GB an hour, you’re screwed just backing up your new PC. Right now. Screwed. It’s the same thing with, which my dad still keeps telling me to do. Of course I can’t, since I know that “unlimited” backup doesn’t at all cover my 30 GB of photos, or 300 GB of raw mini-dv video. So, I guess my point is, if you’re a home video pack rat, you better buy a crapload of tapes. (Nevermind the implication for dirty, dirty Linux Distro torrent seeders)

I guess this works

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Well, looks like I will be able to update my blog after all. What will I talk about? Well, today it will be the fact that my bank failed last week and I just found out that my car loan kless than a week old, is through Wachovia. Oh, the irony.